Mastermind Coaching

Individual CoachingProfessional and personal growth is supported in a variety of settings. We enjoy the group coaching experience for high achievers through Masterminds. A Mastermind is a hybrid between Coaching and Education, where high achievers meet in a recurring series of sessions that blend content, hot seat coaching and engagement among the participants. The group members support each other in their growth, challenge and help each other with inquiry, strategy and goal setting.

Our Transition Masterminds have focused on navigating transition, for high achievers who have stepped into the mature phase of their career, in their 50s and 60s, and desire greater fulfillment and perhaps greater life balance.

  • Issues may include:
  • Current or impending challenges to grow and success
  • Embracing changes due to post-merger, new leadership, new business challenges
  • Build better synergy at work
  • Develop strategies to improve work environment
  • Improve leadership competencies
  • Plan for productive and meaningful life after full-time career

Learn about upcoming Masterminds by checking the Workshop page.