Change is a Threat or an Opportunity

org chartThe speed of organizational change has been accelerating. Disruption. Reorganization. New leadership. Retrenchment. Competitive threats. By any name, change is absolutely expected, often feared and seldom understood.

When someone “moves your cheese,” and you face a corporate development that will rock your world, how will you respond? Having been through several mergers and countless acquisitions in corporate life, I’ve observed three reactions to change. Will you be an ostrich, a member of the resistance or a opportunist?

Authentic leadership encourages dialogue and opportunities to step up. Communicate what you know as a leader even if you don’t have all the answers. Acknowledge that there is stress for your employees in the not-knowing and pledge to share information and decisions as they become available. Rather than isolate leaders from front-line employees, executives are called on to demonstrate calm, provide reassurance and optimism, even in the face of uncertainty and difficulty.

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