Eat. Sleep. Law. Repeat.

Sound familiar?


Neil had set his career on autopilot. Every day, the same old routine. He found himself just going through the motions until one day, he realized his firm wasn’t working for him anymore. He was billing the hours, his clients were complimentary of his work and he’d been named partner. His “success” was not what he imagined. He’d spent his best hours at work developing associates, but now he barely had time for them. Come to think of it, he hasn’t seen many of his friends lately either. Last week, when his wife asked him how happy he was at work, he realized he wasn’t.


Lawyer - CarolCarol had been working nonstop. She felt like her analytical mindset had overtaken her carefree personality and desire to serve. Lately, she’s been thinking about forming a different kind of practice, one that builds on her professional background and allows her to leave a lasting mark on her community. The problem is, she’s been too busy to advance the idea into an action plan. Time spent on personal business detracts from client business.


What Neil and Carol are experiencing is all-too familiar. The demands of the legal profession allow little time for personal reflection, let alone long-range planning. The logical construct of legal thinking and debate can distance you from engaging in close relationships with family and friends. Oh, and there’s the need to qualify, clarify and deliberate.

Many attorneys would like to experience:

  • A healthier lifestyle – physically, mentally or spiritually
  • Changes in their work environment
  • Greater effectiveness and new skills
  • More meaning from work and desire to make a difference
  • Better work-life balance

What would greater fulfillment look like? As a coach, I work with professionals who are already successful and would like to achieve greater success with less effort. I’m the advocate who listens and helps you identify and pursue a change in order to achieve the results you desire. For more information, contact Gerri Leder at (443) 279-7901.

Gerri Leder, founder of LederMark Communications & Coaching, helps leaders navigate change and seek greater fulfillment in their lives and their work. 

She is certified as an Energy Leadership Institute Master Practitioner (ELI-MP®) from iPEC, a leading coaching training organization. She has an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University in Maryland and BA in Journalism from the University of Richmond. She completed the Securities Industry Institute (SII) at the Wharton School of Business.

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