What’s Past is Prologue: Using Curated Content to Enhance Your Financial Marketing Efforts

By Teresa DoughertyPast is Prologue

When Shakespeare used the phrase, “What’s past is prologue,” he was generally referring to the notion that what has passed may be used as a prelude to the future.  Curated content serves a similar purpose. By gathering published digital articles (content), sorting through the best, most relevant pieces (curate) and sharing them through email, online and via website, you can boost your marketing efforts to both clients and prospects.

What’s more, curated content — used within the confines of marketing compliance policies —strengthens your existing communications practices and enhances your ability to build and cultivate client relationships. Here’s how:

  • Curated content is a good way to introduce yourself. Sharing outside content with your prospect list or posting it to your LinkedIn page is a great way to introduce yourself.  Start a conversation on social media using a finance topic of interest. Then, turn that initial outreach into a more in-depth dialogue about your prospect’s needs and your capabilities.
  • Curated Content reinforces your financial expertise. When you include compliance-approved commentary from an outside financial influencer that reflects your point of view, you underline your expertise as well as boost your credibility with your clients.
  • Curated Content shows you know your clients. Your clients pay attention to what’s going on in the media and in the markets. By periodically emailing them a link to an online financial article, investment opinion or applicable lifestyle piece, you prove you’re not only aware of what is newsworthy, you show you’re in sync with your clients’ needs. Sharing content — whether you create it or curate it — is an easy way to continuously check in with clients.
  • Curated content adds to authenticity. Surveys show that with the plethora of on- and off-line marketing, people often prefer messages that are less “salesy” from service providers.  Advisors can balance their promotional messaging by including compliance-approved curated content for more authentic communications. Prospects and clients will appreciate your commitment to sharing informative pieces that stand out from traditional marketing approaches.
  • Curated content supports meaningful conversationsThanks to the internet and social media, referral networks are also located online and at your fingertips. But, don’t just stop at forwarding a link to outside material without context. Set up the link with your insight and include your contact information to engage online. By including a “call-to-action,” you keep the conversation flowing, turning a virtual engagement into a long-term relationship.

Creating original content for your prospects and clients is always going to be a best practice. But, including curated content as a part of your marketing efforts can help you build and cultivate relationships without having to be Shakespeare.

By Teresa Dougherty, strategic communications consultant, dougherty@ledermark.com

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