5 Powerful Questions About Your Clients’ Health

Powerful Questions - Client HealthAs a Leadership and Transition Coach, I’ve learned there is both an art and science to powerful questioning. Powerful questions can reveal one’s innermost thinking, start people talking and get to the heart of the matter. For wealth advisors, whose profession depends on building and client cultivating relationships, powerful questions can deepen the bond.

5 Powerful Questions About Your Clients’ Health

  1. How is your overall health?
  2. Do you or your spouse have any health concerns that may be chronic?
  3. Are either of your parents still living?
  4. (If not) how long did they live?
  5. What do you enjoy doing for relaxation from stress?

Remember to acknowledge what you hear and to capture and recall what is shared.

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Gerri Leder is president of LederMark Communications & Coaching, engaged in thought leadership, leadership and transition coaching.

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