5 Powerful Questions Pre-Retirees Can’t Ask a Robo

As a Leadership and Transition Coach, I’ve learned there is both an art and5 Powerful Questions Pre-Retirees Can't Ask a Robo science to powerful questioning. Powerful questions can reveal one’s innermost thinking, start people talking and get to the heart of the matter. For wealth advisors, whose profession depends on building and cultivating client relationships, powerful questions can deepen the bond.

Today, we begin a series called “5 FA Questions.” Today’s topic:

5 Powerful Questions Pre-Retirees Can’t Ask a Robo

  1. When do I no longer need my disability insurance?
  2. In what order should I divest my equity compensation in retirement?
  3. What’s the mathematic probability I will need long-term care coverage?
  4. What alternatives can offset the inherent risks of stocks and bonds?
  5. How would we benefit from using a health care spending account?

Technology platforms may be able address simple client questionnaires. But, what about powerful questions from clients who have complex financial concerns?  Know your value and be resourceful in conveying that answers that reaffirm your value in addressing complex issues that are unique to each client.

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Gerri Leder is president of LederMark Communications & Coaching, engaged in thought leadership, leadership and transition coaching.

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