10 Ways Financial Advisors Can Boost Social Media Sharing This Month

By Gerri Leder 10 Ways Financial Advisors Can Boost Social Media Sharing This MonthSocial Media ButtonsSocial Media ButtonsSocial Media Buttons

When searching your LinkedIn feed looking for that professional who posted about — fill in the blank: infographic, workshop or offer — you realize social media is the modern day “yellow pages” of professional introductions.

You must be there and with valuable content.

But, who has time to come up with worthy content and share it on LinkedIn? Anyone who is serious about maintaining a digital profile knows that visibility with contacts is critical to turning suspects into prospects into clients. Okay – so the reward of social media sharing is well documented. Now, what will you post?

Start with a content calendar. If your firm doesn’t provide original and curated content for you to share with your prospects and clients, it may be up to you to find your content and post to your connections. Consider mapping out a content calendar at the beginning of each month to organize what to share, on which days and how often

Content Calendar Boosts:

  1. Post significant personal news of your staff. For example, “Congratulations to Sally Brown, who has joined the board of the Cleveland Food Bank.” Or, “Ruth Smith welcomed her second child.”
  2. Share milestones in your practice. For example, “Joe was named to Barron’s Top Advisors.” Or, “We’re celebrating our 10th year as a team.”
  3. Quote from famous people, investors and luminaries. For example, “’Now is always the hardest time to invest.’ – Bernard Baruch.”
  4. Link to breaking news. For example, “Beware of the time lag between writing, compliance approval and posting.”
  5. Link to your website. For example, articles, investment commentaries and perspectives.
  6. Provide facts or statistics that illuminate. For Example, “1 in 4 workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.”
  7. Look for infographics. They’re popular because they are visual.
  8. Create an invitation. Offer to share your latest take on the market over coffee in your office.
  9. Find published articles. Use the media to reinforce the beliefs and practices you preach to your clients.
  10. Plumb government financial literacy sites. For example, mymoney.gov, fdic.gov andgov. (Always review carefully before you post.)

Personal Approach

For those looking to really differentiate themselves, consider including personal branded content on your LinkedIn “activity space.”  Showcase articles about health, fitness or medical breakthroughs; food and wine; travel; regional articles, etc. Sharing non-financial, personal interests can open doors to other like-minded individuals while remaining true to your authentic self.

Finally, post as often as you can support relevant content. Some professionals post every day, others post two to three times a week. Key to your social sharing is to be present and consistent. If you shoot for twice a week, commit to maintaining this drip of content for the long term.

Content Calendar Opportunity

LederMark is rolling out a new social media subscription service for financial advisors. Our goal is to provide you with a monthly mix of relevant, social posts ready for review with your compliance department and ready for sharing with your clients and prospects. For more information, email me at leder@ledermark.com.


Gerri Leder is president of LederMark Communications, a communications firm engaged in branding, practice management, thought leadership and communications. She is a certified professional coach.

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