Does content marketing lead to new clients?

Does content marketing lead to new clients?An independent advisory firm, CBA Advisors, (not the real name) asked us to help boost visibility and reinforce their positioning as a skilled financial planning advisor to senior executives of public companies. LederMark initiated a CBA blog/email campaign in February 2013. At that time, monthly website visitors were low and CBA was not very well known.

Content marketing campaign

LederMark worked with CBA to develop substantive “stories” around public company executive personas facing funding dilemmas, financial planning milestones and solutions that could be addressed through their executive compensation. The stories were told through blogs and an email campaign to public company executives throughout 2013-15.


  • Though CBA targeted a busy audience, their email campaign was widely followed. Open rates average from 22% in 2013 to 25% in 2015.
  • Over the same period, CBA grew its company prospect list. CBA grew its reach when it grew its list.
  • CBA reported a higher level of inquiries and new clients in the first year. Callers referenced the campaign when they called. CBA reported the effort paid for itself.
  • CBA experienced an increase of 85% in CBA website visitors over the period.
  • New clients, new prospects and a greater understanding of CBA’s distinctive capabilities were among the “wins”

Key takeaways

  • Know your audience, what they know, where they struggle for information and perspective.
  • Provide substantive thought leadership. Allow the audience to identify with the issues you describe.
  • Strike the right tone. Try to meet your audience at their level of subject knowledge. Terms like “as you know” give credit to the audience for a basic level of knowledge.
  • Offer a consistent content campaign and be patient as you allow time for it to work.

The bottom line:

Content marketing works! CBA has expanded its thought leadership and speaking opportunities to capture the opportunity.


By Gerri Leder, founder and president

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